Making The Rounds - Ken Brown

A fine state of affairs

The entire City Council plus senior staff attended last week’s State of Valley event put on by the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce,... Continue

Be part of the process

The Sonoma City Council has a full agenda for its February 3 meeting. It begins promptly at 6 p.m. at the council chambers, attached... Continue

Thirsty work

We must start serious discussion about water and our future. Community collaboration is a must! I am pushing for a Town Hall meeting... Continue

Keeping the spark alive

For this column, I will start with a quote that I am still pondering: “Listening to criticism of others reduces the spark in your... Continue

Ready for market

I can feel the Tuesday Night Farmers Market coming. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but the thought of it warms me and I do really miss... Continue

Resolving into 2014

It’s New Year’s Resolution time. I have a set that I am currently working on, being a life-long work in progress. This is not a... Continue

Let the greatness blossom

The recent rain was a very welcome happening. I remain focused on asking for more rain for us all. The freezing weather was not as... Continue

Eye on the sky

My current focus is on rain. We are getting to a desperate state with lack of rain. All the ballot measures, politics and social life... Continue

Stepping aside, moving forward

As my year as Sonoma Mayor comes to a close on Monday, December 2, I want to take this opportunity to say that it is a privilege and... Continue

Moving past B

As I write this on Measure B Election Day, I look forward to tomorrow and the rest of Sonoma’s history. City Hall will still be open... Continue