Making The Rounds - Ken Brown

Can it get any lovelier?

Let me ask you all a simple question. Can it get any lovelier than it is in Sonoma? Tuesday night at the Farmers Market: the sky, the bountiful trees, the historic Plaza buildings glowing from the setting sun, Rick Hardin playing his sweet songs with a fiddle and bass – folks, that’s the ultimate. I am constantly reminded that the main job of all Sonomans is to maintain what we have. That takes dedication and hard work, and each and every one of us to be involved. As we approach November 6, Election Day, Sonoma’s future is truly in our hands. 

A very good way to check in on what’s happening is by going to and read the agenda for the Sonoma City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 15. Monday evening you can watch the meeting on The Common Bond Foundation, the parent organization who governs SVTV Ch 27 Comcast, brings our precious democracy right into our homes. Please pay attention to the politics and governance of our city. The reality for me is that City Hall in Sonoma Plaza is the epicenter of government for Sonoma Valley. Getting involved paves the way to maintaining the jewel we have been given to live in, work in, and raise our families in. 

Saturday I got to speak from the stage at B.R. Cohn’s Fall Music Festival. If you don’t think that’s a major rush I don’t know what to say. One of my more positive traits is to keep my speaking comments short. Folks prefer that style.

Events like the festival do not happen without a lot of hard work and partnerships. Partnership is the glue that hold us together. At the festival the groundwork is laid years in advance with meetings on permits issued by elected officials and their staff. Public safety officials make a detailed plan and stick to it to keep us all safe. They are present at the event to ensure our safety. Local nonprofits and service clubs provide the people power to keep the energy running. Nothing happens without the businesses like Bruce Cohn’s. Here in Sonoma Valley we have perfected the teamwork that’s necessary, and we carry it through each and everyday.

Buddy Guy, 76 years old, held the festival crowd in his rocking hands. No wonder he is in the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Stepping off the stage he roamed to the very top of the amphitheater, playing and singing, the folks getting closer but staying respectful. His singing still has the potent power of the blues that reaches into all of our souls. We all have had the blues, and music like Buddy Guy’s sets it free. Another event in Sonoma Valley that I can’t wait to roll around again in October 2013. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Sonoma Valley Hospital through the Carolyn J. Stone Center for Women’s Health and Wellness will be offering free mammograms for under insured and uninsured women. This is a life saving gift that is available to women of the Valley. The Center is located at 246 Perkins Street and folks can call 935.5070 for information. Believe me about this. I speak directly from personal experience with breast cancer and how timely mammograms can save the life of your wife, sister, mother, grandmother, friends and neighbors. 

We are not alone for sure. Please join local resident Jim Ledwith for a three-week series lectures on UFO’s and the probability of life beyond our planet, starting on Saturday, Oct. 13. Jim is a recognized UFOlogist, has lectured nationally and internationally about the genre, and has researched the topic for over 46 years. All proceeds of the classes go directly to the Sonoma Community Center. To sign up: 938.4626×1 or

I place my favorite judging hat on again this Saturday night (10/13) for this year’s Sonoma Bar Battle at the Sonoma Veterans Building. Proceeds from this event go 100 percent to charity. This means every penny collected is going to be split evenly between American Legion Jack London Post 489 and Native Sons of the Golden West Parlor 111, both located right here in Sonoma. If you would like to donate to the Silent Auction or make any other donation please contact Ronda Leen 337.1402 or Dancing to Train Wreck Junction, watching the local bars battle it out, plenty of food and lots of fun. Get the details at 

Go out, get out this weekend, get out each day. As I wrapped up writing my column I realized it was our street’s day for garbage, compost and recycling pickups. The air was bracing and it naturally makes you take in a breath. Always good. Up in the morning sky, just a magic blue was the fading moon and a bright planet/star. It makes me say my blessings for all of us to have a day we can enjoy and allow others to enjoy. Blessings on us all. 

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