Making The Rounds - Ken Brown

Transitions and quick changes

I had the honor of being a witness at the wedding of Jamie Lee Aldrich and John Edward Emery II this past weekend. It was just what I would imagine the wedding of a Princess and a Prince to be. The bride was gloriously beautiful, and her dress was the loveliest I have ever seen — and I’ve been to a lot of weddings. The bride and groom carried themselves with grace and a real sense of this moment in their lives. Weddings give us all hope for the future, and I wish these two all the very best.

I have restarted my third career as a facilitator of officiating at ceremonies. I have performed all of life’s transitions from birth to death for friends and members of the community. I am open to talking to folks who are interested, so contact me at or call me at 707.938.8623. 

Vintage Festival is very nearly here in Sonoma Valley and my dance card is nearly full. My wife Jewel and I will be out on the town this Friday night for the Patron’s Night with WonderBread 5 band at the Barracks. We both share a true love of the dance and I love dancing with her.

Saturday at 10 a.m. I will be in front of the Sonoma Mission for the Blessing of the Grapes, one of the most traditional and heartfelt events on the Vintage Festival schedule. For well over 100 years the blessings have taken place and to have it at our very own Sonoma Mission is beyond cool. Then I need to find the nearest phone booth, and just like Superman, change into my superhero tuxedo provided to me by Eraldi’s Mens Wear and Shoes store on the Plaza at 475 First Street West. Eraldi’s has been in business nearly as long as the Vintage Festival and is the stellar place to shop local.

Once in my tuxedo, it’s off to the Fairmont/Sonoma Mission Inn for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley’s Fashion in the Vineyards event. Much to the amazement of some folks, I can clean up and look quite presentable, and the runway walk is a big high for me.

Once my fashion superhero part is done, the tux comes off and it’s back to the Plaza for a stint in the Timoun d’Haiti information booth. Come visit me and learn how you can directly influence the lives of Haiti’s orphans still reeling from the devastating earthquake. In fact, you should visit the multiple information, food and wine opportunities that will be there for you and your family. Great music all weekend as well, and while you’re out, take a walk around Plaza and support the local businesses, too!

As Saturday draws to an end I will join the folks at the Sun, KSVY and SVTV and jump into the first ever Get Your Glow On Parade beginning at 8 p.m. It will come down First Street East, turn right onto Spain Street and then turn right up First Street West. Adding to the glow will be the world famous Valley of the Moon’s full moon. I love how it all comes together, don’t you?

It will be early to bed that night because I will need all my remaining energy to gear up for the penultimate happening, The Bear Flag Revolt Reenactment, at high noon in the Plaza’s Grinstead Amphitheater. It’s not to be missed. A crackerjack and seasoned troop of players, the reenactment folks will bring you back to the moment on Sonoma Plaza when and where the State of California was born, in 1846. Led by George Webber, we promise to entertain and educate you, and it’s all good for the kids. I would say it’s then time for a beer then, wouldn’t you? Please go to (and check out page 16 in this issue) and get all the information and I’ll see you there for sure. 

Here are some other events that are also open to one and all. Friday night at the El Verano Inn it’s the Talk That Talk band celebrating the retirement of sweet guitarist David Agular from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Drinking and dancing are allowed so give them a call at 935-0611. Down at Shoreline Amphitheatre on Saturday is “Harmony By the Bay,” a full day of music on three stages plus yoga and an Eco-Market. More at Harmonybythe CAPS Production of “The Foreigner,” which is getting fabulour reviews, plays Thursday-Sunday at Andrews Hall. Don’t wait — get your tickets asap at, a great online box office.

Ken says check out the newest show on the KSVY lineup, ‘Mid Morning Smooth Jazz’ with your host David Ewing, Fridays from 10-11:00a on 91.3 FM.

I am still exploring the concept of forgiveness. Here is a quote I found at the Prestwood Mentor Center this week: “It is in forgiving that we are forgiven, for it is in giving that we receive.” Love it. 

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