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The waning days of summer

Tuesday nights Farmers Market was just heaven on earth. A strong breeze prior to the start of the market swept through the horseshoe as if it were clearing the air for the evening to come. Warm enough that the short sleeves of summer were comfortable but hinting at the Fall arrival coming this Saturday. As you looked down Broadway it was noticeable that there were trees with red autumn highlights beginning to show. As the late afternoon sky changed to night a sliver of the New Moon appeared as if by magic. The sighting of the early evening’s new moon is among the most amazing celestial events for me. The evening’s musician brought to us by Liz McDonald who, by the way has out done herself this year as the Farmers Market music producer, was Megan Slankard a singer/songwriter from San Francisco. She sang a mixture of her own songs and a carefully crafted group of oldies that seemed to be lifted from my own personal favorites. She was just terrific and held the crowd till the market ended. I strongly suggest that you check her out at The Tuesday Farmers Market runs through October 30 and that market features the year end Halloween kids parade. After October 30 we all have to wait until the Tuesday market comes back in May 2013. Not to despair too greatly, many of your favorite vendors and artisans are still at the Friday Farmers Market each and every week at Depot Park from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. I hope to see you at the market next week because my ongoing City Council office hours will continue Tuesday nights till the market ends and then move into City Hall on Tuesday, November 6 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. No appointment is needed and all conversations are confidential. 

Last year I met Film Director John Beck at the Sonoma International Film Festival where he showed his excellent film “Harvest.” “Harvest” is about the grape harvest that is happening in Sonoma Valley as I write this column. I arrived here in the Valley via Greyhound bus in August 1974 and soon had a job picking grapes for Kenwood Winery. I know how tough a job that is and value that contribution to our economy and way of life. “Harvest” will screen at the Sonoma Cinemas in the Springs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday September 21, 22, and 23 and the Director John Beck will do Questions and Answers after the 7 p.m. screenings on Friday September 21 and Sunday September 23. Ken says check it out for sure.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Sonoma Valley Hospital through the Carolyn J. Stone Center for Women’s Health and Wellness will be offering free mammograms for underinsured and uninsured women. This is a LIFE saving gift that is available to women of the Valley. The Center is located at 246 Perkins Street and folks can call 935.5070 for information. Please tune into the Mornings in Sonoma show on Wednesday, September 26 when Jackie Lyons joins my co host Avram ‘Avi G’ Goldman and myself at 9 a.m. and discusses in depth what is offered. You can listen and watch the show by going to SVTV Cable Comcast Ch 27, KSVY on your FM radio dial and stream us on Ms. Lyons is the real deal expert on this subject and will share with all of us her passion on mammograms. Believe me about this. I speak directly from personal experience with breast cancer and how timely mammograms can save the life of your wife, sister, mother, grandmother, friends and neighbors. 

The 115th Annual Vintage Festival is right around the corner on September 28, 29 and 30. There are so many historical and beautiful events that it is mandatory you check The Sun newspaper for more information plus they have an extensive website at I encourage you to come on Sunday, September 30 to the Grinstead Amphitheater in the heart of Sonoma Plaza at High Noon for the Bear Flag Revolt Re-enactment. Not to be missed this is the most entertaining show in town. I will download all the cool events in next week’s column. 

Sun Editor Val Robichaud will begin appearing on Mornings in Sonoma every Thursday morning at 9:15 a.m. in a segment called ‘Sun Spots’ highlighting the current paper. This should be fun.

Have a wonderful week and be kind to yourself, your family and neighbors. 

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